26. 5. Four months

Playa center, empty and under construction

🇸🇮 Trenutna statistika te čudne tekme, v kateri se bori virus proti vsem potovalnim načrtom, kaže 2 meseca potovanja in 2 meseca karantene. Upava, da kmalu začneva spet prištevat dneve svobodnega gibanja, pa čeprav v novi realnosti, kjer je skoraj bolj kot obleke uporabna kolekcija mask, ki visijo na vhodnih vratih in se peštajo v nahrbtnikih, da ja ne boš kje brez. Midva še vedno načrtujeva in meljeva možnosti, kaj se bo izcimilo iz tega bomo pa videli v prihodnjih mesecih. Če bo vse po sreči, se peti mesec potovanja javiva iz kakšne druge države, ali pa vsaj iz kakšne mehiške plaže!

First “meal out” in two months

🇬🇧 The statistics in this weird game of virus vs. traveling currently shows 2 months of traveling and 2 months of quarantine. We are hoping that sooner rather than later we start collecting days of free movement again (in a new reality, of course, one where masks are hanging on the doorknobs so as not to feel like a criminal on the streets). We’re still planning and discussing options, but what will come of this only time will tell. Hopefully on our 5th month of traveling we will be writing from another country, or at least from a Mexican beach!

Celebrating on our breezy balcony

22. 5. Rooftop picnic, guey

Human contact!

🇸🇮 Kakšen teden po tem, ko sva se vselila v stanovanje, sva gor na bazenu spoznala Cynthio in Christiana. Ampak v času stroge karantene smo se vsi v bloku držali bolj zase, zato nismo imeli priložnosti se bolj podružit. Do nekaj dni nazaj, ko sta naju povabila na piknik na strehi (še vedno smo v karanteni, ampak vsi imamo že počasi dovolj). Niti slučajno se ne zmrdujeva nad vsemi spletnimi druženji s prijatelji in družino v preteklih tednih (ker so naju resnično ohranjali pri zdravi pameti) ampak druženje v živo po tolkem času je res, res pasalo. Neštete debate o hrani, Mehiki, potovanjih. Vsi delajo v turizmu, vsi na čakanju, brez informacij, kaj bo ostalo od njihovih služb. Rolando in Eric sta že bila v Sloveniji (vsi bi z guštom spili kakšno Laško, v Mehiki smo še vedno bolj kot ne brez piva), Cynthia in Christian pa sta jeseni nameravala prepotovat Evropo. Virus na stran, super piknik in še enkrat se je izkazalo, da so Mehičani večinoma res prijazni, gostoljubni in zabavni.

Mexican style BBQ

🇬🇧 We’ve met Cynthia and Christian on the rooftop soon after we moved into the apartment, but everyone in the building kept to themselves in the past months so we didn’t have much chance to interact. Then the other day they invited us to join them and some friends on a picnic on the roof, and oh uau, not to diss all the online conversations with friends and family that kept us sane in the past weeks, but it felt incredible to hang out with people in real life, have a drink, laugh, talk about food and traveling and life. They all work in tourism here, living in uncertainty of what will be left of it in the new reality. Rolando and Eric have both been to Slovenia, loved Ljubljana and Laško beer. Cynthia and Christian were planning to travel in Europe for a few months this autumn, but will have to adapt their plans. The damn virus stopped us all in our tracks, but we are grateful to have met them, once again proving how fun and kind Mexican people are.

18. 5. Craft beer

Craft brewery.

🇸🇮 Skoraj dva meseca se že prestavljava tu med stanovanjem in bazenom, pa občasno do trgovine in po pico. Prej ali slej nas bodo spustili ven in velika verjetnost je, da nimava kondicije za hodit več kot 15 minut, kaj šele po tej vročini. Odločitev pade, teniske gor, štartava ob 13h v neznano, baje da je google maps pokazal neko lokalno pivovarno tam nekje. Po kakšnih 500 metrih Miha že dobi žulje, stopala niso več navajena na čevlje. Več kot uro hodiva in hiperventilirava po ne prav lepih cestah (zakaj bi imel pločnike, tukaj nihče ne hodi peš), ko se res materializira ena majhna pivovarna! Miha pravi, da ga kar same najdejo te stvari. Skozi okno nama gospa proda 6pack najlepših pločevink z res dobrim pivom – IPA, APA in Kölsch. Kar takoj vsak enega zguštirava 🙂 kljub žuljem in vročini greva kar lažje proti domu, dober trening!

The prettiest beer, and tasty too!

🇬🇧 It’s been way too long since we’ve worn shoes and walked any kind of distance. Moving between the apartment, pool, local store and occasionally the pizza place nearby is hardly keeping us in shape for when they eventually let us out, and much less in this heat. So we decide to test our legs and find what seemed like a craft brewery on google maps, about an hour away. It’s brutally hot at 1pm and in about 500m Miha already has blisters, our feet not used to shoes anymore! We keep going, walk mostly on roads (why build sidewalks of nobody walks here), stop for some agua fresca on the way, and eventually stand in front of the Akumal brewery, that against all odds is open! They sell us cold beers through the window and we shamelessly enjoy one right there, on the sidewalk. We might walk more often in the coming weeks 🙂

12. 5. Laundry

Scrubba and our apparently all-gray clothes

🇸🇮 Med bolj uporabnimi stvarmi, ki so pri pakiranju dobile mesto v najinih nahrbtnikih, je sigurno prenosni pralni stroj. Saj skoraj povsod obstajajo poceni in zelo hitre pralnice, ampak v resnici redko nabereva za celo vrečo umazanih stvari, ker imava vse skupaj za nekaj dni robe in sproti že nekaj rabiš. Mene je misel na pranje in splakovanje perila pod tekočo vodo v bog-ve-kakšnih kopalnicah preganjala že dolgo preden sva štartala. Zgleda, da nisem edina, ker je nekdo nekje izumil Scrubba, potujoči pralni stroj! Vodotesna vreča, iz notranje strani opremljena s silikonskimi bunkicami, v katero namečeš perilo, prašek, vodo, zapreš, skozi ventil spustiš zrak in gneteš. Splakneš, daš sušit. Ču-do-vi-to. Vem ja, marsikomu se bo zdelo to navdušenje na meji norosti. Delno mogoče je, ker ta karantena že res dolgo traja. Ampak pejte v umivalnik prat perilo na roke dva tedna pa mi potem povejte, če še vedno ne razumete? 🙂

🇬🇧 Back in 2019, the idea of washing our clothes in bathroom sinks for so long was driving me mad. Of course, there are cheap and fast laundry services everywhere, but when you pack so little you only have clothes for a few days and before you gather a bag for laundry, you already need something out of it and there you are, bathroom sink. It turns out, someone with a similar problem thought of a genious solution – Scrubba, the world’s smallest washing machine. It’s like a dry bag but with silicone buds inside. You chuck in the clothes, washing detergent and water, let out the air through the valve, and you scrub! Rinse, hang to dry. Ta-daa. Genious. And yes I am aware this level of excitement over a washing bag might be excessive. But go and wash your clothes in the bathroom sink for two weeks, and then tell me you still don’t understand 🙂

4. 5. Beerless

Beer hunt

🇸🇮 Pred par dnevi sva v eni od Facebook skupin zasledila, da v Mehiki zmanjkuje piva. Ah ne, ni mogoče, eno je dat ljudi v karanteno, drugo je pa Mehičanom vzet pivi. Za vsak slučaj sva šla v trgovino (ker enako slabo je Slovenca pustit brez!) in res, police prazne, nobenega nacionalnega piva nikjer. Sva nabrala par mehiških craft piv, pa malo Tuborga, pa Estrella Galicia. Tu v Mehiki ni bilo drame s toaletnim papirjem, niti s kvasom, je pa zdaj s pivom. Pod najinim balkonom je mini market in že dva dni ne mine par minut, brez da bi se kdo ustavil “Hay cerveza?”, izmenjal informacije s sotrpini in se odpeljal naprej v lov. Zdaj naju plakat “NO HAY CERVEZA” prijazno opominja, da je treba vsak (mali) pirček še kako zguštirat.

🇬🇧 Some days ago we came across a FB post stating Mexico is running out of beer. Impossible, who would think of closing Mexicans in quarantine for two months and taking away their beloved cerveza? We didn’t want to risk it so we went around, it turns out finding any Mexican national beer is as unlikely as buying toilet paper was in other countries a few weeks ago. They closed all breweries in March and we apparently drank Mexico dry. We found some craft and imported beers, but the search in town is real. The store below our balcony has been a hotspot of people stopping, consulting each other and driving to the next potential supplier. Now a “NO HAY CERVEZA” sign is reminding us that every small beer in our posession is a treasure.

Three months

🇸🇮 Tri mesece. Ne moreva ravno reči, da tri mesece že potujeva, ker sva dobro tretjino tega časa v karanteni v Mehiki. Ampak kljub nepredvidljivosti situacije in nesigurnosti, kako in koliko se bo lahko potovalo v prihodnje, nama je tukaj lepo in se dobro boriva s karanteno. Ker imava različne ritme, ima Tina jutra večinoma zase ko Miha še spi, on pa zvečer uživa ko Tine zmanjka (včasih res sramotno zgodaj). Dopoldan redno telovadiva in nabirava kondicijo za dan, ko nas končno spustijo ven! Kuhava skupaj, kar sva prej redko počela. Stanovanje je zdaj utrdba proti ščurkom (ne pa toliko proti komarjem) . Tina ima Kindle in tako z zdravo mero slabe vesti podpira Amazon k rasti v najbolj megalomansko svetovno podjetje. Slišiva se s z vami na drugem koncu sveta. Aja, pa vino pijeva. In Pivo. In kakšen rumček. Za živčke 🙂

🇬🇧 To say we have been traveling for three months would be an overstatement, but we are deffinitively on a journey that seems like no other. Petkoti going places are now staying in one place, but keeping busy and doing well in quarantine 🙂 our different rhythms mean Tina has time to herself in the mornings when Miha sleeps, and he enjoys his evenings when Tina dozes off (sometimes embarrassingly) early. We are working out, staying in shape for the day they finaly let us out. We cook together, which was very rare in our previous life. We have cockroach-profed the apartment. With a healthy dose of guilt Tina is supporting Amazon’s ridiculous growth through Kindle books. We talk to all of you across the globe. Oh and we drink wine! And beer and rum. We take all the help we can get to get through this 🙂

20. 4. Water

🇸🇮 Pitna sveža voda iz pipe. Kako enostavno in kako samoumevno v ogromno državah, kar je res super. V Mehiki tudi slučajno nisva za nič prikrajšana, v primerjavi s stotimi milijoni ljudi po svetu, ki sploh nimajo dostopa do pitne vode. Je pa logistika tu drugačna, ker morava vodo kupit in pritovorit do doma, posledično se zato malo bolj zaveš, koliko vode porabiš. Midva za pitje in kuhanje v povprečju potrošiva okoli 40L na teden. Zelo nepomemben podatek, ampak evo, vseeno ga deliva 🙂

🇬🇧 Drinking water from tap. It’s water that is safe to drink or to use for food preparation, we are lucky in Slovenia (and many countries) to be able to take this for granted, or at least to be very comfortable having it. And that’s fantastic! We are not in any way deprived here in Mexico (especially compared to the hundreds of millions of people worldwide that don’t have access to safe water sources!), but the logistics is different. We do have to carry it home, which makes you more aware of your consumption 🙂 not that it is in any way important information, but we use aprox. 40L per week for cooking and drinking.